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Hi! I'm Anthony Kouttron. I'm an electrical engineer and an alumnus of RPI. This is my personal website devoted to all my crazy projects and ideas that I have amassed over the years. The projects you will find here can range from piggy-backing ram on vintage 8086 hardware to repairing old bench equipment to reviving micro four thirds cameras & lenses.

Ironically, my interest in computers and electronics was birthed from the pure stupidity of Windows ME (thanks Microsoft), which was about as reliable of an operating system as dialup internet on a rainy day. From the bi-hourly BSODs on my home PC, and the correlation of these BSODs and my computer usage approaching one, my brothers were thoroughly convinced that I was the root of all computer problems. I took this on as a challenge, slowly refined my skill at computing, and eventually surpassed them in technological know-how. Yes, I installed XP. :D

Of course, that was not the end of my electronic endeavors. Around ten, I began scouring my neighborhood for discarded computers and various other electronics. I had the garbage days memorized. I slowly began collecting old '90s computers from neighbors and started my own computer collection. I developed background knowledge in legacy computers by reading reference hardware books, so generously given to me by a fellow neighbor.

I continued to expand my horizons and picked up reading PCmag, extremetech, anandtech and several other hardware publications. I decided in my middle school years that I wanted to one day design the hardware I was so fond of using. This lead me to pursue a degree in electrical engineering, and develop my hobby into a full time career. Who knows where it will lead me next, but it will be one hell of a ride, that's for sure.


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