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27w Round LED Work Light CAD

This is an accurate CAD model of the 27w Work LED, available on Amazon for ~$10 each. It is an inexpensive LED unit which is decently constructed and moderately weather sealed. I have seen these used on everything from Jeeps to ATVs to scooters and even as auxiliary reverse lights on larger medium duty trucks. I modeled the version with the 30 degree projection angle. This CAD model is just about spot on, but I left out the top taper in the brim as it was non-uniform, and created complex geometry. Otherwise, I have designed this to be as realistic as possible. let me know what you think of it. I hope you enjoy it!

Here is the LED CAD assembly as an animated assembly explosion.

Here are the Solidworks 2013 CAD files. I used the pack and go feature so they should open properly without issue.Here are the CAD files & renders

Keep in mind, when you make a complex model like this and you are after high-quality looking renders it is very important to change your tessellation quality in Solidworks. This makes all geometry have more defined edges and uses more segments to define circles. The picture to the right shows the stock Solidworks settings.

These were my settings that I decided upon when I worked on this model. I don't have a powerhouse of a machine yet, so the slider is not all the way to the right, but soon enough :D.

The animation process was a bit more finicky than I would have liked. having a background using timelines in Adobe Premiere, Finalcut and other Non Linear Editors (NLEs), the approach Dassault Systems took for animation timelines was appalling. Instead of keyframes being relative to their position on a static timeline, thy are instead relative to one another. This is beyond silly, as dragging any one keyframe will change the duration of time one action has to the other neighboring action, instead of changing in relation to the whole timeline of the animation.

So, how demanding were these renders? well I will leave this animation right here and you can see for yourself. yes. that is 500+hours for a simple animation. Crazy.

I may have went a bit overboard in some respects, as I even researched the appropriate reflectivity for a plastic domed lens and input the lambda value into the Solidworks material properties.

In addition, check out my project on Grabcad as well! I have a lot of other CAD projects for download there as well.

Want more? Here's a behind the scenes look at my workspace and some of the images that did not make the cut to be included in the write-up:

Graphical render of a LED Fixture. Graphical render of a LED Fixture. Graphical render of a LED Fixture. Graphical render of a LED Fixture. Graphical render of a LED Fixture.
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