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Salvaged Circuitry

Fancy Business Card

PCB Business Card

I had a very simple business card for years, but I was just plain tired of it. It was too bland and looked like all of the other business cards that I had amassed over the years. I was catching up on the Amp Hour podcast and in one of the episodes Dave Jones mentioned something that really caught my attention: bring your projects to social events. Most of my projects are not pocket-able, so I decided to make the best of both worlds and create a PCB business card.

Camera Balance Gimbal

Three Axis Gimbal Repair & Optimization

I found a broken 3 axis gimbal in ewaste in desperate need of repair. Ironically, the carrying case was intact and without a scratch, but the yaw axis motor was missing, the roll axis motor had a bent shaft and the gimbal controller was buried in a birds' nest of wires. There was a whole slew of random carbon fiber bits, accelerometers, and controllers scattered about the case, so clearly someone was having fun with stabilization. This is my journey toward getting this gimbal back up and running.

microsoft Computer Keyboard

Microsoft Surface Keyboard Modification

Growing tired of the skipping keys on my worn out Dell multimedia keyboard, I needed a suitable alternative. I checked out the Microsoft Surface Studio a few months back and really enjoyed using the included keyboard, so I figured I would start there. I enjoy typing on laptop-style keyboards, but I truly wanted a wired backlight keyboard, as I enjoy working late into the night. Not being able to find a keyboard that includes all these features, I decided to hack the Surface Studio keyboard into something more personal.

Electric scooter

Scooter Two: Super Scooter

I built what would become my showcase scooter, featuring everything and the kitchen sink. I stuffed the battery cavity full of electronics, pushed the drive mechanics a bit too hard and broke far too many items to remember. I applied everything I learned from my first scooter build to this scooter with hopes of greater success and dependability. That was my original plan at least. The months following colored a totaly different story.

electric scooter

Scooter One: My Daily

Sometimes you just want to go fast. Well, at least faster. This project involves upgrading a once underpowered recreational electric scooter into a full-fledged transportation machine. Using custom batteries, modified controllers and a bit of electromechanical know-how, I was able to create every college student's dream get-me-to-class-now daily driver.

Micro Four Thirds Camera Mount CAD

Micro Four Thirds Mount Technical Drawing and CAD

Ever wanted to make your own weird and oddball lenses for your camera? Tired of using Duct tape and cardboard tubes to make DIY optical assemblies? This guide includes the CAD, technical drawings and renderings of the Micro Four Thirds mount so you can keep creating to your heart's desire.

rodenstock lens micro four thirds mod

Adapting Rodenstock TV-Heligon Lens to Micro Four Thirds

Have you ever lusted after a brighter lens for your camera, but couldn't quite afford it? Here is an all-inclusive guide to adapt an old scientific/TV lens to the Micro Four Thirds mount. Don't have a spare Micro Four Thirds mount? No problem! This guide includes the CAD, technical drawings and renderings of the Micro Four Thirds mount, along with machining tips and a whole other wealth of information.

led Headlight CAD

27w Round LED Work Light CAD

This is an accurate CAD model of the 27w Round LED Work Light 30 Degree Spot Light, available on amazon for ~$10 each. It is an inexpensive LED unit which is decently constructed and moderately weather sealed. I have seen these used on everything from Jeeps to ATVs to scooters and even as auxiliary reverse lights on larger medium duty trucks. I modeled the version with the 30 degree projection angle. I have designed this to be as realistic as possible with Photoview 360.

HP Oscilloscope Repair

HP 54502A Oscilloscope Repair

Repair of an '89 HP oscilloscope to factory calibration. Originally recovered from an ewaste bin while I was attending my Alma mater. This repair entails replacing the CMOS clock chip by soldering in female pin headers and sourcing a replacement. Calibration was reset to factory standards using HP service manuals.